Farm to Table VR - Food Industry and virtual reality

 There is a lot that still needs to be done before virtual reality is a mainstream thing, but what I know will help is when I see people in non-tech related industries embracing VR to use in their own professions. One example of this is a set of experiences I discovered a friend from the food industry is doing using virtual reality for a food blog she produces content for called Nopalize. I had a chance to briefly catch up with her and ask her these questions.

Tell us a little about yourself and Nopalize.
"My name is Lauren Stokes, I'm a native Texan, nutritionist, and yogini residing in San Francisco. I am a food lover and food media producer. By day I am a yoga instructor and by night I produce videos for

Started in 2013, Nopalize is an industry-backed food media movement sharing access to growers, producers and makers in our local food community, both online and offline. Our mission is bringing people and food closer together. We are proudly sponsored by Nopa and Nopalito Restaurants in San Francisco, CA."

Why are you interested in Virtual Reality? 
"The experience of VR engages feeling and emotion as I have never experienced before through traditional media. I think VR will help people understand how things are orchestrated in the food world, giving a personal real life experience that is captivating, educational, and engaging. It will enhance the message we are trying to spread about food and food culture."

How do you feel it will enhance your story and communication?
"The advantage to VR is that it gives the individual control to create their own experience by adjusting their focus to what makes the most sense for them to absorb and process the information, whether it be watching someone's technique on how to make something or looking at their face having them explain it. While the director is still controlling what is in the shot, the viewer can personalize the experience by having control over what they want to look at in the scene."

I see you have plenty of videos and other media on Nopalize. Any VR content yet for people to experience on the site?
"Not yet on the site but we are working on a few virtual reality videos with the help of a leading VR company. This is a very exciting project so expect to see something soon. Stay tuned to our website and blog for more information!"

Check out Nopa and Nopalize restaurants in San Francisco and mad props to the Nopalize team for using virtual reality to immerse us into the story behind our food for healthier living. Truly a VR story I definitely think all can sink their teeth into.

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