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VR Hackathon Update: 360° and Growing

Here is a quick post to share some cool  VR Hackathon  news and info on upcoming events. 360° video of the Oct. 2014 event The MindVR team was cool enough to shoot the October 2014 event in 360° video and then post it on Vrideo , an immersive video platform. I need to dive deeper into Vrideo and its features, but at a glance it seems to be a platform for hosting and viewing 360° video that is also VR enabled. Once you start the video below, left click and hold to grab the video and move your mouse to look around. This video on mobile devices requires you turn with the device to look around. *if the above embed doesn't work  here is a link to the video . The Growing Community  With the success of the last event here in San Francisco and the growing interest by developers and designers of immersive technologies to have a weekend of creating and building, the VR Hackathon is expanding to new locations and age groups. There are events this year planned for San Franc

REAL 2015 - Where the Sensor meets the Maker

  This past week was the  REAL  conference, an event organized mainly by Autodesk to explore the convergence of the professional 3D sensing, making & visualization industries. From the website : "REAL is both an exclusive executive summit, REAL TALK, & a world’s fair of cutting-edge 3D demos, REAL LIVE. REAL is new and different: an immersive, hands-on, high-level gathering in a historic venue with a unique program. REAL is real people, doing real-world work with reality tech. REAL is Reality Computing. WHO REAL is 500+ leaders and innovators — professionals from across industry, investing, research, and media. REAL brings together real work spanning disciplines from: Architecture to Art, Engineering to Entertainment, Manufacturing to Media, Heritage to Health, and Sports to Science… REAL is executives & engineers, developers & designers, inventors & investors, architects & artists, makers &  meteorologists , surveyors & scientists,