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Shopping around for uses with Augmented Reality

So I was recently exposed to the post Augmented Reality Finds a Place to Fit: Shopping! The article states, " Two recent AR implementations show promise, however, by adding value and actually demonstrating how useful the technology can be ." The author of the post is referring to Converse's Sampler application for AppleiOS devices and a TryOnBathingSuit application created by ImmediaC . With such an endorsement, I had to check these apps out. Review: Converse's Sampler application Perhaps I am biased as I work with the technology and know what is possible with it, but I am not impressed with this application at all. Sure once I activate the app I can see how the sneaker will look on my foot with a superimposed image, but I can see how a sneaker will look on my coffee cup or anything else, as it is just that, a superimposed image. It floats in the middle of the live camera feed. There isn't any form of tracking or foot recognition. I wouldn't say F