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In the beginning......

Today is a great day to start a blog about the open 3D web and open Metaverse if one had to set a date. What makes today different than any other is that it marks the begining trend of true "open garden" virtual worlds coming into the mainstream market place. By "open gardens" I mean virtual worlds based on open standards. Is this necessary to be a successful platform, well no. Is this necessary for a platform to be a portal into the much bigger 3D web? Well it's a must. Like the World Wide Web, the Metaverse is not going to be just one website, one big company, one virtual world, or one platform. It is going to be as varied in content, context, developer, and platform as the people using it. A convergence of technologies and platforms that work well together without exposing whats under the individual hood. Starting this evolution is Vivaty - a Silicon Valley based company that is exposing the video game and Internet generation to true immersive 3D web. Read m