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Metaverse1 Salute - Capitola

  Over my career I have had the chance to meet all kinds of people doing amazing work with cutting edge technology. On my list of kick-ass innovators are a couple of guys I have known for several years now at Capitola , a Dutch digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. David, Simon, and team have been designing and building cool digital experiences using tech like virtual reality and augmented reality for years. Some of their projects include: Pokemon Go HoloLens version  See a full interview with David about the HoloLens Pokemon Go project here . Virtual Reality DuckHunt Ford VR Experience And this one at their previous firm: Pretty cool projects huh? More of their work can be seen at their website and I highly recommend giving it a visit. For those that are looking for a digital creative agency that really knows how to make immersive technologies shine, give Simon and David a call. A great group of guys doing cutting edge work that definitely deserves a Metaverse