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Where A.R.E. you in 2011?

This video covers the Augmented Reality Event 2011 last week in Santa Clara, California. A nice variety of people from all over the world shared stories of AR related success, vision, and technologies. I will do a proper write up soon. Thanks again Ori and Tish!

A meetup with no-plugin required, thanks WebGL!

April 28 th was the first WebGL Developer Meetup here in the Bay area with a great mix from industry titans to garage developers. Managed by the Khronos group, WebGL is a web-based graphics library that extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser (Chrome, Firefox , Safari). Web3D veteran and my fellow Meetup co-organizer Tony Parisi introduced Neil Trevett , President of Khronos & VP Mobile Content at NVidia , who presented on 'What is WebGL ?' Henrik Bennetsen gave a product demonstration on OurBricks . OurBricks lets you discover, interact with and share 3D content right in your browser. Think of it as a 3D warehouse where you can freely examine the model and much more. A great site for 3D modelers that want to share their work with others. A proper write up on OurBricks will be coming soon but do check out their website and the video below. Closing demonstratio