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UPLOAD VR - making the SF virtual reality scene a cool one

Over the past couple years, there has been a rise in groups that focus on virtual reality here in the SF Bay area (mainly due to Oculus' success).  It used to be just the Silicon Valley and San Francisco VR Meetup groups, but now there are at least half a dozen groups, and growing, focused on some element of the VR ecosystem. Normally VR meetups are 95% men that are the usual geeks and enthusiasts. I can say this because I am one of them and attend quit a variety of VR and related events.  One such Meetup group that is doing a great job of marketing VR to a much larger audience than the usual VR developer is UPLOAD VR . UPLOAD VR self proclamation is as, "An international VR community dedicated to accelerating the development of the virtual reality industry. We are an eclectic group of designers, developers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, investors and innovators pioneering the future of virtual reality. We bring virtual reality to the masses through e