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Happy Birthday Tribute To My 1st Fan

It has been a while since my last post. A lot has happened in the tech space and I will get back to blogging about all that stuff in time. Now I want to take a moment for my first fan. When I started this post, I planned to write something beautiful and poetic that captured some essence of how this person means the world to me. At the moment this is all I can deliver, tears and electronics don't mix. A proper tribute will come at another time. When I went deep dive into web 3D and immersive technologies back in 2000, my mom was my very first fan and supporter. As a self-proclaimed old lady that doesn't understand tech, she still has read every post, seen every image, listened to every interview, and watched every video I have posted about my adventure with tech. My father and the rest of my family are extremely supportive as well, but a mother's love and support is in a class of its own. In my younger years, it was just my mother and me. Looking back, she is the one t