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Microsoft Builds the future of Augmented Reality with HoloLens

 At its Build Developer Conference in San Francisco today, Microsoft provided some new details on its HoloLens virtual reality device it announced back in January. HoloLens is a head-mounted, holographic computer with a depth camera that provides a mixed-reality experience for a range of applications. I briefly covered the HoloLens in a previous post  and was hoping Microsoft would share more about the unit today. It seems someone in Redmond was listening to my geek prayers. Today Microsoft showed off various HoloLens applications that work with Windows 10 and even one that controls a Raspberry Pi robot. They also announced support of HoloLens by the Unity3D game engine. The Verge has a great recap of the day's announcements and HoloLens in the video below. Another demonstration today during the Build Conference keynote session showed the integration of HoloLens with Trimble’s SketchUp 3D modeling software and the Trimble Connect collaboration platform. While thes

Farm to Table VR - Food Industry and virtual reality

 There is a lot that still needs to be done before virtual reality is a mainstream thing, but what I know will help is when I see people in non-tech related industries embracing VR to use in their own professions. One example of this is a set of experiences I discovered a friend from the food industry is doing using virtual reality for a food blog she produces content for called Nopalize. I had a chance to briefly catch up with her and ask her these questions. Tell us a little about yourself and Nopalize. "My name is Lauren Stokes, I'm a native Texan, nutritionist, and yogini residing in San Francisco. I am a food lover and food media producer. By day I am a yoga instructor and by night I produce videos for . Started in 2013 , Nopalize is an industry-backed food media movement sharing access to growers, producers and makers in our local food community, both online and offline. Our mission is bringing people and food closer together. We are proudly spon