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Saving the best for last - FountainBlue's Virtual World Event

So Friday Sept.25 on the heels of the Engage Expo was FountainBlue's Annual Virtual World Conference " Virtual Worlds: Where We Were, Where We're Going, What Does It Mean to You? " The conference, held down at the Sun Microsystems campus , showcased presentations and panel discussions that featured key stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and investors in the virtual world space. The event kicked off with a presentation from host Michael Gialis, New Business Development for Sun Microsystem's Lab and Chief Technology Office. Michael is also one of the founders of the Virtual Worlds Roadmap Group and his presentation included results from a recent Virtual Worlds Roadmap industry survey. After Michael was CTO of Masher Media Barry Holroyd. Later in the day, Masher Media's virtual world was presented and I must say that it has a great art direction, looks fun for those of all ages (I will play it), and is another great example of Unity3D te

Engaged all week long

So this week is full of back to back virtual world events, catching up with friends in the industry, and making new ones. Mid-week kicked off the Engage! Expo 2009. Engage! Expo strives to be where companies learn how to combine their existing business with the unparalleled engagement opportunities and new revenue streams of user engagement online. The expo had session throughout the day that were broken into the categories of: *Virtual Goods Conference - the leading event for businesses seeking to understand and maximize business strategies using virtual goods, items and gifts; *Digital Law Conference - provides a detailed examination of the legal issues raised by these technologies and offers key insight into where the industry is headed and what the associated legal implications are; *Social Media Strategies - the social media track seeks to help business understand the best practices, current trends, and effective strategies of social media and user engagement