Metaverse One - Upgrading to Social Media

Today marks the 14th year of when I started this blog to cover the technologies of our ever evolving Metaverse. 

A lot has happened since then, both in tech and the personal life. Yet knowing that I need to start blogging again since the topic of the Metaverse is everywhere, I use this anniversary to announce the launch of the Metaverse One TikTok channel where I will be posting videos every few days covering topics about the Metaverse and related technologies

Make sure to follow there and the Metaverse One Youtube Channel.

Comments said…
It's amazing to see how far the metaverse has come in 14 years and it's great that you are continuing your coverage of this exciting topic through a new platform. The launch of the Metaverse One TikTok channel is a smart move, as video content is a great way to engage with a wider audience and share information in a dynamic and accessible way. I'm looking forward to following your videos and learning more about the latest developments in the metaverse and related technologies. Best of luck with this new venture!
Anonymous said…
What is the Metaverse in reality?
Is it a virtual universe that can satisfy our desire for escapism? Is it the future of the internet built on speculative sci-fi concepts? Or is it just a posh way of categorizing augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality technologies?

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