3D Web Performance Festival - Act 1: Merging Art & the 3D Web

  My first post of 2015 touched into how this is going to be a great year for web3D and the 3D Web. Now while there is a growing number of web developers already evolving flat websites into those with web3D content or into fully interactive 3D Web applications, games, and environments, there is still a lack of 3D Web art that one can visit online. Other than Chris Milk's "3 Dreams of Black" and a handful of other experiences that leverage web3D, there really isn't much out there in the art-meets-music-meets-web3d realm. I encourage my readers to please provide links in the comments section to any web experiences that fit this criteria that you know of and like.

 So why aren't more artists collaborating with web developers to make crazy cool web experience art like 3 Dreams of Back? Well it seems I am not the only person asking this and with that said, I am thrilled to announce the 3D Web Festival.

 The 3D Web Festival will showcase websites that are the best mixture of music, art, and technology by those inspired by what’s possible from the best of the best of the 3D Web. The website states the festival will, "bring together the best of the 3D Web - presented as Live Performance Art – amazing, delightful, surprising and at times disturbing". There will be creations by selected artists and developers of all kinds showing off their best 3D web sites live with musical accompaniment. Guests will also get to participate in a panel session with selected performers on the future of the 3D Web including audience Q&A. The show will be held Wednesday May 13, 2015 in San Francisco, and in true support-the-arts fashion the ticket proceeds from this event will go to the oldest working theater in San Francisco - the Roxie.

 Leading up to the May event will be a series of 3D Web Fest Mixers where artists, musicians, and web developers can meet, brainstorm, and work on creations to submit for the festival. January 20, 2015 kicks off the first meeting for the 3D Web Festival in San Francisco at the Folsom Street Foundry. Make sure to check out the event's Facebook page and website for dates and locations of this and future 3D Web Fest Mixers.

 The mixers and festival are organized by members of the art and web3D communities with premium sponsors like Autodesk also supporting this art movement. So if you are an artist or musician that is looking to make a cool 3D Web experience, these are the mixers and event for you. Submit your work and get the chance to take make history with the world's first showcase performance art festival for this new style and medium. I am going to make sure I get my ticket as this is going to be exciting!


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