Retinex - Augmented Reality Comic Book

During the week of the ARE2010, I was given a copy of Retinex, an augmented reality comic book from the folks at SpiralConcepts. I loved comic books when I was younger so this was a real treat. Presented by 3satva (tres satva), Retinex is the first augmented reality focused comic book I have seen so far.

Yes there are comics that use augmented reality like these Star Wars comics below (AR app by Total Immersion),

but Retinex is the first I have seen that includes AR as part of the storyline in addition to having an AR application. The story is an engaging one set in the future with a dual sword wielding protagonist (not Hiro), AR, robots, nanomachines, sinister corporations, with other techno sci-fi type elements included.

The web-based augmented reality application, developed for 3satva by SpiralConcepts, gave me as the reader a way of interacting with the story that took being a comic reader to a new level. It doesn't take long for one to see the ongoing value this could add to comics. I can not give away too much information about the comic just yet, but expect to see me Tweet/post about the website once it is live. For now enjoy this video below I made showing some of the interactive features of Retinex.

Thanks to 3satva for such a great story with a cool use of AR, and thanks to the people at SpiralConcepts for giving me another reason to partake in a childhood passion in such a cool new way.


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