3D Web Fest - Act 2: Art on the 3D Web

In a post earlier this year I wrote about a 3D Web Festival and its goal to bring together performance artists and Web 3D developers to create new types of art-meets-tech web exhibits. To recap, the 3D Web Festival showcases websites that are the best mixture of music, art, and technology by those inspired by what’s possible from the best of the best of the 3D Web. The festival will, "bring together the best of the 3D Web - presented as Live Performance Art – amazing, delightful, surprising and at times disturbing".

We just finished up the first show held Wednesday May 13, 2015 in San Francisco and what a success it was. There were creations by selected artists and developers of all kinds showing off their best 3D web sites live with musical accompaniment. Guests got to participate in a panel session with selected performers on the future of the 3D Web including audience Q&A. Also, in true support-the-arts fashion the ticket proceeds from this event went to the oldest working theater in San Francisco, the Roxie Theater.

Check out the six videos on the 3D Web Fest Youtube Channel to watch the entire show!

The program of artists was as follows:
1. TONE PONG / R.Yagiz Mungan - site
2. CHARACTER STUDY FOR WEBGL GAMES / Samuel Girardin - site
3. GRAVITY / Xiaohan Zhang - site
4. A PARTICLE DREAM / Nop Jiarathanakul - site
5. MARATROPA / Marpi - site
6. MTV EMA 2012 OPENER / Mate Steinforth - site
7. SEEMORE / Will Eastcott - site
8. MOUNTAINS OF MOUTHNESS / Goo Technologies - site
9. RAINBOW MEMBRANE / Isaac Cohen - site
10. ARTERYS / Fabien Beckers, John Axerio Cilies - site
11. JUST A REFLEKTOR / Vincent Morisset - site
12. LIGHTS / Carlos Ulloa - site
13. (OUT) LOOKING GLASS / Ben de Leeuw - site
14. CHAMELEON / Mate Steinforth, Tom Kombüchen, David Kamp - site
15. NYUMBLIES / Garth Morgan, Micah Berons - site
16. SKAZKA / Goo Technologies - site
17. VR DATA LANDSCAPE / Weidong Yang - site





It was a great show with a packed house and standing room only at the Folsom Street Foundry. I give a big thanks to all the artists that submitted work, the selection committee, performers that made the show, and to my fellow organizing team that made this THE event of where art meets the 3D Web. So if you are an artist looking to use the 3D Web as a new medium for your work, make sure to submit a project for the next festival and I hope to see you at the one next year!


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