Motorcycle riding in the 21st Century

For me there are very few things more enjoyable than riding a motorcycle. My then new '96 Honda CBR 600 F3 brought me the closest to flying I have ever achieved and introduced me to a 'road family' made up of other riders that look after each other. Riders come from all backgrounds so it was only a matter of time that

 In the past year, I have been exposed to some pretty cool innovations for motorcycle riders and helmets that not only provide the protection you need, but add in some seriously cool features.

Skully Systems
Skully Systems is a West Coast company that is the maker of the AR-1. The AR-1 includes a full Heads Up Display (HUD) that gives directions, a GPS display that gives you turn-by-turn directions, and there will be more functionality added as the Skully Systems team works on the device. The helmet even has a rearview camera built-in, making it easier and safer than ever to see what’s happening behind you when you change lanes or back up. The AR-1 will also hook up to your smartphone so you can make phone calls and access limited phone functions using hands-free voice commands.

All of this is DOT/ECE safety certified, so you know it’s designed and implemented in a way that will get you the info you need without putting you in any sort of danger. The helmet isn’t cheap, though. The $1,299 level is sold out, so current AR-1 pre-orders start at $1,399. That gets you an early adopter price that is $100 less than the normal $1,499 price. Skully will ship you a helmet overseas for $1,599, and there’s a $1,999 limited-edition version that is hand-numbered and signed by the company’s CEO.

FUSAR Technologies:
 FUSAR Technologies is an East Coast based company that is making the Guardian GA-1 Motorcycle Helmet, which contains a rearview camera, a microphone and speakers to help the driver navigate. I met the guys behind FUSAR and what a great group of folks.

I really can't wait to check out these helmets. Hopefully one day soon I can get a bike and take my first ride as a 21st century rider.


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