A week of the Game Developers Conference 2011

GDC 2011 just finished last week and wow do I have a game developer hangover! What an insane week of intense sessions on gaming, walking the expo floor, aisle conversations, meetings, and great parties.

This year I was in on a media pass and got full access to the latest and greatest from the game industry. No I didn't get the Google Chrome Notebooks or Motorola Xooms they passed out to the entire audience of certain sessions, but by far this year's show was the best for things I am interested in.

Even though I am not a game developer per se, there were plenty of sessions in areas of interest. The Kinect had several sessions, there was a full day of Unity3D, a few sessions about augmented reality, and some on web3D technologies.

A bonus of being media, I got the chance to participate in new product/game releases.

Ogmento had a location based multi-player AR game for iPhone that GDC attendees could play called Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary. Find out more about the game here.

The Khronos Group released the final specification for WebGL 1.0, a specification that brings OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics to supporting web browsers. Official press release.

The expo floor was always packed.

Look forward to next year.


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