Ogmenting My Games

This past summer in New York I got the opportunity to meet up and interview Ori Inbar, CEO and cofounder of Ogmento, an augmented reality gaming company. I would easily say that Ogmento is a leader in the commercial AR gaming space and Ori is one of the industry's key players.

He is a founder/author at Gamesalfresco, a leading blog on augmented reality, one of the organizers of the Augmented Reality Event, and heads the Augmented Reality New York (ARNY) meetup group. His company Ogmento, with a development team in New York and a creative studio located in Los Angeles, has raised $3.5 million dollars in a first round of institutional funding from Chart Venture Partners and other private investors.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Here is a promotional Augmented Reality (AR) app by Ogmento developed to promote the iPhone launch by Orange Telecom Israel.

Put A Spell, the world's first augmented reality learning game for the iPhone.

Many thanks to Ori for such an informative and fun interview. I look forward to the innovative breakthroughs and games Ogmento will bring to the AR space.


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