Shout Out : 3PointD - A great source of news for the Metaverse reports on emerging 3D connectivity — a phenomenon sometimes called the metaverse — in all its manifestations. From virtual worlds like Second Life to applications like Google Earth, from cool mapping hacks that link up real-world locations to new ways of creating virtual ones, from concepts like folksonomy to the culture of online worlds, find news and feature articles about all that and much more at, every day.-3pointD website is a good resource of current news for all those interested in virtual worlds and Metaverse related technologies. Started in April 2006, edited by journalist Mark Wallace and sponsored by the Electric Sheep Company. Mark is a seasoned journalist, co-author of the book The Second Life Herald, and co-founder/Chief Executive of Wello Horld, a web start-up based out of New York. Since he is an active participant in the community, make sure to check out his blog and keep an eye out for Wello Horld.


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