Take A Moment To Remember

On June 25, 2008, Dr. Chi Tau Robert Lai ,Chief Scientist of China's Cyber Recreational District (CRD) passed away in his sleep at the age of fifty. Robert understood the way the Metaverse would shape our world, blur the line between fantasy and reality, and bring us all closer together. "There is no virtual, just one." He had the passion for the Metaverse, you could tell within thirty seconds. He was an advocate for the "open" 3D web and showed China's interest in supporting the current standards of web3D.

In November 2007, I was among four U.S. speakers invited to China by Robert to speak on "Open Standards, Open Metaverse" at the official launch of the CRD, a part of the ICCIE Summit. As guests to China, we all I got to know our host and new friend well. He was someone who made me feel very welcome in China and I am sorry to know my friend wont see his dream for China first-hand.

Greg Howes, Robert Lai, Marty Poulin, me, Chris Sherman

To those that knew him, please take a moment to remember. Everyone else, just for a moment, bow a head please, and honor this pioneer who gave it his all to this new web frontier.


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