Shall we exit reality?

ExitReality, a London headquartered start-up with offices in Australia and Los Angeles, is another open standards supporter making its entrance into the immersive web targeting social networks. ExitReality is a social media company with an enhanced 3D, multi-user, immersive messaging environment.

After signing up for the beta, and installing the player, one enters with an avatar in a 3D plaza at sunset. Carls Jr and Hardees have 3D spaces here, the ice cream truck (??) is off to the side. Now before I can agree that this is "just another VRML world", I cant help but think of the player.

The ExitReality player displays X3D/VRML and COLLADA content. It supports interactive Flash as a polygon texture. The interface has a stylish look that seems like a mash-up of Vista and Itunes. It allows you to drag/drop assets into any world for personalization with standard editing tools (move, rotate, scale, clone, delete, save). It has a buddy list, chat, and other "social" features as well as the ability to instantly "3D" any website after clicking the ExitReality logo button.

The ability to turn one's 2d social network page into a 3D apartment at the paste of a URL is a high "Wow" factor. I'll stop here for now so I don't ruin all the surprises for someone signing up for the beta. I look forward to seeing what features and spaces will survive or be added by their launch date, and for now, a cool way to exit reality.


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