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First Choice Cola’s Free Ride – Augmented Reality Facebook game

So I am visiting the Netherlands and got a chance to check out this augmented reality Facebook application called Free Ride. It launched a couple weeks ago and was developed for YoungWorks by my friends at The Young Generation (TYG).

I applaud TYG for their clever use of augmented reality here. This Flash-based snowboard game uses a custom beanie that has an embroidered fiducial marker to control the snowboarder. Moving side to side controls the direction of the snowboarder and leaning forward or back controls the speed.

My Dutch isn’t the greatest, actually I don’t know any, so expect a follow up interview explaining more about the application from a member at The Young Generation soon.

The Young Generation is a full service digital agency that specializes in concept, design, strategy, and production of interactive campaigns. I look forward to seeing what killer games and interactive campaigns they come out with next.