Everyone Loves A Critic..... Review #1 Vivaty

This review has been a long time coming but I did not want to share too much while these guys were in closed beta. Vivaty, the fun way to socialize and share your web stuff in a personal virtual scene (your stuff. your friends. your scene.), is now open to public beta. This multi-user 3D platform allows you to view and interact in the 3D web via a small browser plug-in for Facebook or AOL AIM.

Lets start with the spaces. The spaces take almost no time to load on a broadband connection and look really detailed. Nice job on the designs, lighting, fog, and backgrounds. They have an "open" feel to them and each has its unique style. One can tell this design team is a group of pros. Somewhere I can here "You can do it!", in the Governator's voice. The release is showcasing partnered scenes from Target and Coke Zero, some cool looking virtual dorm spaces.

The avatars are realistic with almost lifelike animations. There are a number of moods you can set for your avatar and a series of different gestures you can make as well.

Vivaty has a good amount of objects for users to select from so far with editing option that really let you customize and personalize your space down to the upholstery on the chair. The first few rows of objects are interactive, for your pictures, music, and videos, followed by a variety of chairs, tables, sofas, plants, rugs, and more. I really like the photo scrollers that load my Facebook friends/albums and Flickr gallery photos. Adding your own textures, videos, music, and photos is as easy as cutting and pasting a url.

Definitely one of the great things about Vivaty is its ability to work across applications. I logged into Vivaty through AIM, my friend through Facebook, and we both could see and visit each other in my space. A true testament to how 3D web environments should work.

There are multiple ways to get started quickly. One can visit the company website. Log into Facebook, search for the Vivaty application by name then add. For Aim, make sure you have the latest version, and then complete these simple instructions.

I look forward to more developments from these guys. They are heading in the right direction and really setting the bar for other companies to "open" their walled gardens (virtual worlds). My avatar's face says it best, "Vivaty Rocks!"


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