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Metaverse U '09 - All about the open virtual space

This past weekend was the second iteration of Metaverse U put on by Henrik Bennetsen at Stanford University. The Metaverse U conference took place at Stanford University on May 29th and 30th. The goal of this years conference was to explore the cutting edge applications of virtual worlds and the open platforms that drive them.

Henrik gathered an impressive lineup of speakers and I will embed their videos here once they go online. Some highlights from the presentations:

Sirikata, Stanford's open source platform for virtual worlds, had a high representation this year with a demo that showed some of its editing features.

Jeffrey T. Schnapp (Stanford University) talked about cultural heritage with virtual worlds stating "museums are the original 3D world" and the need to embrace (inter)active models of educational programming with an emphasis on bottom-up counterparts to traditional top-down approaches.

John Hurliman (Intel) presented Cable Beach, a service based architecture fo…

The Roadmap for the Metaverse

Back in February, Stanford campus was my home for a weekend of Metaverse real world events.

Friday the 15th - Metaverse Roadmap Workshop: Over forty different leaders and pioneers in Metaverse related industries were invited to discuss and collaborate on a continuation of the Metaverse Roadmap. For me, truly an honor to be invited to participate with the brightest people of so many different fields and technologies. The day was a mix of great speakers, presentations, and various break-out workgroups. Bridget Agabra, the ASF Metaverse Roadmap Project Manager, did a great job of organizing this fascinating event sponsored by Metaversum. A really cool event to be a part of.

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th - MetaverseU Conference
This public event was a collection of presentations, panels, and open discussion covering various facets of the virtual/mirror worlds, augmented reality, and lifelogging. The conference was simulcast in Second Life to truly make it a mixed reality event. Beth Colem…

America's MOVES

Founded in 2000, the Modeling, VirtualEnvironments, and Simulation (MOVES) Institute , a program at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), has created education and research programs supportingsimulation technologies used by Defense and Homeland Security partnersto train personnel and to analyze systems for operationaleffectiveness. The MOVES research program is designed to explore application of emerging technology to critical DoD modeling and simulation needs. Research focus areas are: 3D visual simulation and networked virtual environments Computer-generated autonomy and computational cognition Human-performance engineering and Immersive technologies Game-based simulation, understanding, and analysis Combat modeling and analysis The Insti…