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Web3D Tools #1: X3D-Edit

Here is a great tool for all you programmers that work with or are interested in getting started with the web3d open standard X3D.

X3D-Edit is an Extensible 3D (X3D) graphics authoring tool for simple error-free editing, authoring, and validation of X3D scenes. X3D-Edit is written in XML and Java using the Netbeans platform and so is portable across major desktop and laptop operating systems (Windows MacOSX Linux Solaris).

X3D-Edit requires Java (version 5 or 6) and features include:
- Collada .dae model validation, code completion, and conversion to .x3d (XML) encoding
-direct editing of X3D scenes using the XML (.x3d) encoding,
-embedded visualization of scenes using the Xj3D viewer,
-XML validation against X3D DTDs and Schemas,
-drag-and-drop palette for X3D nodes,
-popup panels for node editing,
-extensive help resources.

A huge download, but way better than authoring in the standard text editor. There is a…