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Digital Fabrication and Smart 3D City Models in Virtual Reality

Here I show an application developed by the IDEAbuilder Tech Tools team. The team created an application using actual digital fabrication models (the same 3D computer aided manufacturing models that drive our CNC machines) combined with a 3D city model created with ESRI's City Engine tool and viewed using the Oculus Rift head mounted display for an immersive virtual reality AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) experience.

2012 - End of the known....

So much has happened since my last post. The end of 2011 saw many tech developments, announcements, events, passing of giants, IPOs, and the list goes on. Definitely I owe back coverage to the many wonderful things I have seen in recent travels that took me from the land of the vikings, to the mountains of Mordor (New Zealand), and parts in between.
But now, happy 2012. It is year of the Dragon, apocalypse, alien contact, revelations, a cycle change on the .obj calendar (okay only certain people will get that, Maya for everyone else), and many other scenarios. *maniacal laugh
I don't know about the world ending this year, but I feel very comfortable saying it will be the end of the world as I've known it. Beyond weak economies, revolutions, international movements, nature (weather, earthquakes, floods, etc.), and a growing number of other variables that are causing a global evolution, I get to experience firsthand how certain technologies are augmenting our reality and enhanc…