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Virtual Worlds Roadmap

Last week I donned my Web3D Consortium hat and participated in the second meeting of the Virtual Worlds Roadmap. Sponsored by Intel, Samsung, Electric Sheep Company, NGI Group, and Digital Space, the Virtual Worlds Roadmap seeks to increase the success rate of virtual world-based ventures and the productivity of investment through the publication and distribution of state-of-the-art thinking and analysis on:
Visions of what value virtual world technology will bring to specific applicationsTechnical and business barriers to achieving that valueCase studies on successes to dateA roadmap and timeline for achieving mass adoption of specific applications.This was an intimate group full of familiar faces from the virtual worlds space. The 3D web open standard (X3D) had great representation at the event from both the Web3D Consortium and Exit Reality. Many in the crowd were impressed by the power of the open standard. A series of various industry demos and applications I showed throughout the…

Immersive 3D Web? What? You mean virtual worlds, right?

After becoming aware that more than just the nice folks at Vivaty were reading my blog (they promptly thank fans), I see the need to catch others (non-supernerds) up to what all my recent blogs are about. For those techies that know what Open Metaverse truly means, skip this blog, close the laptop, close the eyes, rub the eyes, open, and go talk with someone you enjoy. If you have little/no clue to what the Metaverse is, or if you think it is SL or OpenSimulator, please keep reading.

To see what smart collaboration (Open Metaverse Roadmap) had to say about the Metaverse last year, this is a must READ.
(warning-beyond this is my perception zone, not wikipedia)
Repeated visitors to my blog will see this graphic again.

What is the Metaverse?
Don't worry, I am not going to cover all these now, but these "domains" are converging into a mash up of technologies that will blur the line between the virtual and real via the immersive 3D web. This is the Metaverse, a mix of realities.

Web3d Day - July 8, 2008

What an interesting day for the web and me, but let's cover more of the web
1:23 am- I finished my review of the public beta launch of Vivaty and called it a day (see previous post).

8:35 am- Woke up, entered the web, caught up on known news, and read the IBM and Linden Lab Interoperability announcement. I applaud the people that worked on the project, really. Glad to see them making progress on what they set out to do. Beyond that, the press announcement was a tad bit over-dramatic.
"This is a historic day for Second Life, and for virtual worlds in general. IBM and Linden Lab have announced that research teams from the two companies successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life Preview Grid into a virtual world running on an OpenSim server, marking the first time an avatar has moved from one virtual world to another. It’s an important first step toward enabling avatars to pass freely between virtual worlds."
Sounds great to the public, and three cheers for SL …

Re-invent the wheel?

Lets time travel back to Oct. 10 2007. Perhaps you remember this headline: IBM and Linden Lab Launch Collaboration to Further Advance the 3D Internet.
IBM and LL plan to collaborate on:
1. "Universal" Avatars: Exploring technology and standards for users of the 3D Internet to seamlessly travel between different virtual worlds. Users could maintain the same “avatar” name, appearance and other important attributes (digital assets, identity certificates, and more) for multiple worlds. The adoption of a universal “avatar” and associated services are a possible first step toward the creation of a truly interoperable 3D Internet.
2. Security-rich Transactions: Collaborating on the requirements for standards-based software designed to enable the security-rich exchange of assets in and across virtual worlds. This could allow users to perform purchases or sales with other people in virtual worlds for digital assets including 3D models, music, and media, in an environment with robust se…