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Stanford's Open Source unConference '08

Some old news here as back to back holidays and projects have sidetracked me from posting this earlier. On Friday November 14, 2008 Stanford Open Source Lab had its first Open Source unConference. Hosted by Stanford's Metaverse man Henrik Bennetsen, it was an intimate turnout of those supporting open source tools and technologies.

Pictures from WiseMarco

The event grid had great topics and speakers for all the sessions. There were several sessions on Drupal (the open source content management platform), I caught Vladimir Bacvanski's engaging session on Javascript and the Dojo Toolkit, and finished off with Gene Leybzon's session explaining and showcasing some cool applications he developed for Google's Android open free mobile platform.

Gene Presentation For Android
Only natural to have a session on the open standard for the 3D Web/Metaverse and cover its open source players. Thanks to Web3D Consortium Board member Dr. Michael Aratow for also participating in this sessio…

Grassroots video - For the 3d web, got X3D?

So I am busy doing research with the group on our first set of student Metaverse mash-up projects, and had to post this video to give all a glimpse of what is coming. This is the power of X3D. Enjoy.

Special thanks to fellow web3D student Tedd Robinson for his real and virtual world assistance, and Nick Carpenter who loaned out his avatar for the project.

Web3D Students

The word student is etomologically derived through Middle English from the Latin second-type conjucation verb "stŭdērĕ", meaning "to direct one's zeal at"; hence a student could be described as 'one who directs zeal at a subject'. In its widest use, "student" is used for anyone who is learning. - Wikipedia

The year 2000, "1999" (Prince) was just getting out of my head, the Y2K bug didn't end the world, the bubble had burst, and I set out to search myself and discover what profession in life I would enjoy to do to the point where "I would never work a day in my life cause I love what I do". I picked the top rated things I liked (video games), was good at since a little guy (scene building and design), and valued (education and proactive change) and combined them somehow with the help of a SnowCrash into a new profession of wanting to build virtual immersive environments that were structured to different learning styles.