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WebGL Camp #3

On June 10 at the Google Campus in Mountain View, California, the third WebGL Camp took place. For those that need a refresher on WebGL visit here. MC Henrik Bennetsen of OurBricks and Kenneth Russell from Google hosted WebGL Camp #3, a full day of presentations, demos, and conversations about this developing graphics API.
Session videos in order of the agenda.

Rachid El Guerrab - Human Engines

Tony Parisi

Tim Johansson - Opera

Altered Qualia - three.js

Remi Arnaud - Screampoint

Vangelis Kokkevis - Google

Henrik Bennetsen - Katalabs

Aleksandar Rodic - Chrysaora and

Neil Trevett - Khronos & NVIDIA

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte - Sencha

John Pywtorak - SRI

Kenneth Russell - Google & WebGL working group chair

Thanks to Ken, Henrik, and all the presenters for such a great informative camp.

Talking heads!

Cool combination of the Kinect and an avatar from Bitmanagement Software GmbH!

IVN from Bitmanagement Software GmbH on Vimeo.