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Web3d TechTalk 2008

As promised from my blog in August, here is my entry (now that there are videos) about the Web3D Tech Talk. At SIGGRAPH 2008, the Web3D Consortium celebrated its 10th anniversary with its best ever Web3D Tech Talk. Of course I may be a little bias as I participated in the event, but the tech talk show cased very cool uses of X3D and VRML with content and applications from various sectors and across all hardware platforms. No boring Powerpoints or spec jargon here at this standing room only talk that wowed the crowd with the technology that is defining the open 3D web. Participants from around the world showed off X3D applications that covered medical, educational, social, mixed reality, and other interesting uses of the tech. Enough of my writing, these videos speak for themselves:

Michael Aratow - Rationale for 3D standard for 3D medical imaging

Tony Pack - X3D to display and review seismic data

Johannes Behr - Beyond the Web Browser:X3D used for Virtual and Augmented reality

Damon Her…