Web3d Day - July 8, 2008

What an interesting day for the web and me, but let's cover more of the web
1:23 am- I finished my review of the public beta launch of Vivaty and called it a day (see previous post).

8:35 am- Woke up, entered the web, caught up on known news, and read the IBM and Linden Lab Interoperability announcement. I applaud the people that worked on the project, really. Glad to see them making progress on what they set out to do. Beyond that, the press announcement was a tad bit over-dramatic.
"This is a historic day for Second Life, and for virtual worlds in general. IBM and Linden Lab have announced that research teams from the two companies successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life Preview Grid into a virtual world running on an OpenSim server, marking the first time an avatar has moved from one virtual world to another. It’s an important first step toward enabling avatars to pass freely between virtual worlds."
Sounds great to the public, and three cheers for SL and IBM. What is OpenSim?
From website- January 2007, the initial goal of creating a proof of concept server that the SL client could connect to and allow some basic functions. The current goal of developing a standard virtual world platform that any application could use as a framework. While we still maintain compatibility with the Second Life client, we have been working towards supporting several other clients. Oh I get it, they mean from SL to a framework designed to work with SL.-
Awesome, but I have seen over the years avatars go from world to world to application even. How? The current standard for web3d. So.......? I mean move my SL avatar to Entropia, that is interoperability. Guess I am missing something here.

Noon - Got the message that Google finally did it and released its virtual world platform Lively. This application is closely integrated with social networks including Facebook, OpenSocial standard, Youtube, and other Google properties.

Most in the industry knew that this day was coming after news of a Google beta testing at Arizona State University last year. I feel many didn't think it would be now. Glad it happened as I feel this almost forces the closed gardens to "open" up or compete alone against Google. Those that are open should push and promote the standards that make them so. Get everyone on the same playing field. Not even Google can own the whole Metaverse, but they can make it hard for others to play in certain areas. For virtual worlds involved with social networking, unless you have KILLER content and/or a high number of users, united you exist, divided its Google.

What a day for web3d, what a day.


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