Warner Bros. comes to the open 3D web, grab the virtual popcorn

So surfing around the 3D web I came across a pleasant surprise. Media giant Warner Bros. is among the early adopters that has migrated over to the emerging 3D web. Using a browser plug-in that supports the 3D web open standard, I experienced this great precedent for virtual movie theaters.

The scene itself loads fast, is graphically impressive, very spacious, and easy to navigate around. The categories of movies offered is simple to identify and requires nothing more than walking into that genre's theater room.

Once inside the room, which is a nice recreation of an actual theater, one can select a movie to browse using a search menu from a friendly user interface with a variety of different options. Click to activate, watch the curtains draw, and enjoy what is shown.

I have to comment on the interactive movie posters that when clicked, play the movie's trailer and offer options for purchasing the movie on DVD or from Itunes.

With the total experience I am very impressed, all around high marks, five stars, and I am a fan that will be back. Seeing this opens up a world of possibilities. How long until we see 3D web spaces that are scenes of movies where one can go to access more information about the film? Imagine visiting Harry Potter's 3D web room at Hogwarts and interacting with the scene to learn more about the movie, cast, watch trailers, etc. Nice entrance into the open 3D web Warner Bros., way to lead the entertainment industry in this migration to the web of the new millennium.


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