Planet 9 zaps planet Earth with mixed reality Raygun

Founded in 1991, Planet 9 was one of the Internets' first 3D content providers. Their mission is "building the next generation of data and software to bring 3D city interfaces to applications." Led by architect turned 3D web CEO David Colleen, Planet 9 is a long time leader in digital city creation and cutting edge applications.

Planet 9's latest innovation is RayGun™. RayGun is the first application to provide what David calls "Social Navigation". I got the chance to meet with David Colleen to ask him some questions about this first 2D and 3D geo-aware social network.

Originally developed for Boeing and the US Army, RayGun combines the technologies of GPS tracking, route finding, friend finding and social networking functions all within a state of the art 3D interface. Users and their friends are shown in their correct locations so that they can share routes, text chat, share photos and videos or use our new push-to-talk feature. The first mobile mixed reality social network that works with Google Earth, Google Maps, and the 3D web open standard X3D. Works on PC, Windows Mobile, and now the IPhone.

I thank David for his time and his ongoing support for the students of the web3D. I look forward to playing with RayGun, this mixed reality and mixed platform application for the 3D web. Glad to see David putting another first in the Internet of the new millennium.


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