Mixed Reality goodwill, building the virtual to make a real world difference.

Web3DStudents is a collaboration between students and professionals in the outreach, education, and development of the 3D web, web3D applications, and the mixed reality Metaverse. Our work is funded by various web3D projects we do for corporate and private clients. This money keeps us living and the computers running while we teach, learn, promote, develop, and help others in their migration to the 3D web.

2009 marks an important year for us as we start a series of Web3D Industry sponsored student projects with some of the biggest names around. These projects are 3D web mash-ups and mixed reality applications that will showcase the power of the web3D open standard, be available for all to use, and documented so other web3D students can learn the how-to for their own projects.

To show our commitment to world change beyond those affiliated with the 3D web, Web3DStudents members are pledging that a decent portion of all our private work contracts this year will go toward humanitarian aid projects and helping others that are making a real world difference. This is our way of creating mixed reality goodwill and I salute all those that have made this pledge as true innovators for change.

For our current and future clients, we want to promote you as collaborators of change on these goodwill projects. Know that your budget for migrating to the 3D web is not only getting you a deliverable and helping our student work, but making a global difference to those in need in the real world. Look forward to collaborating on the mixed reality goodwill!


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