Augmented Reality Event - A.R.E. 2012

Reality became augmented this week in Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The third annual Augmented Reality Event, aka A.R.E.2012, brought the best and brightest around the world to the Bay area for a two day conference. Companies, research institutes, artists, and more once again got a chance to show off and experience the latest in computer vision, head & eye displays, motion sensor, mobile, and related augmented reality technologies.

"ARE is where the people working on and using Augmented Reality technologies come together to explore best practices and innovations in software development, tools, business strategies, design and marketing. Developers, technologists, marketers, hardware manufacturers, mobile operators, researchers, designers, startups, business developers, and entrepreneurs gather to share their experiences and learn from their peers" -website

Event organizer Ori Inbar (CEO Ogmento) interviewed by ARnewsTV before the event.

A quick look at the event schedule:

As room chair I spent a majority of my time at the event in the technical track room, and didn't get a chance to experience as much as I would have liked from the other sessions or expo floor. A Twitter search of the hashtag #are2012 will bring you more info and links than I could ever recall from the event. Plus how could I write about a highly visual technology and do justice with words. Enjoy these video highlights!

Georgia Tech (USA) 
Argon augmented reality browser - HTML5 AR
The Argon mobile augmented reality platform ranks among my personal favorites as a developer. I am a big fan of Blair MacIntyre and Georgia Tech's work and was stoked to see these new features. Hafez Rouzati, a Ph.D student and researcher in the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech presents an Argon example that leverages WebGL and Qualcomm's Vuforia AR platform.

Daqri (USA) 
Augmented Reality Body Viewer
SoCal based Daqri wowed the crowd with a variety of apps including this full sized augmented human app I dub thee Augmented Reality Body Viewer.

Seac02's (Italia) 
Facial recognition AR application 
Seac02 showed a facial recognition application that featured a variety of augmentations. Users could change their face (as seen in the video), hairstyles, and paint makeup on top of the digital area via a stylus.

Great job again Ori and team. Said it before and I will say it again, I recommend any interested in seeing the latest and greatest in augmented reality to attend this event. Tell them Damon sent ya!

 Adrian Cheok Keynote

Bruce Sterling and Daniel Suarez Closing Keynote

 Ogmento's augmented reality tank demo at ARE2012


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