AR-cadabra with the Virtual Magician

So I attended the New York Augmented Reality (ARNY) meetup on Tuesday night, which was awesome, and one of the people I got the chance to meet was Marco Tempest, the Virtual Magician. Now I am familiar with Marco by his Youtube videos that blend the latest in technology with magic for super cool presentations and illusions.

A native of Zurich, Marco has won numerous awards for his use of illusion with contemporary choreography and his television series “The Virtual Magician” has aired in some 49 markets worldwide. Marco was nice enough to invite me to stop by his workshop in New York City for a chat. As a total fan of magic and tech, this was a dream come true!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here is the video from Marco's Youtube Channel of the AR card trick shown in the interview.

Here is the extended version of the Magic Projection trick he presented at TEDxTokyo.

In addition to being 'wowed' by the magic and the chance to talk with Marco, he really put in perspective for me the need for AR to be more narrative and artistic. I look at applications from the tech side of things, but it wasn't until this chat that I see the need to refocus and look beyond just the tech. What is the story being told? How can one make the tech and user interact more with the story, not just with the application? Truly something I will look to incorporate in my own future examples. I am for sure a fan that will keep watching and being amazed by this magician/techno-illusionist of the 21st century.

Thanks again Marco!


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