3D My TV Please

So every now and then we here at the office do get some pretty awesome toys, er... research hardware for our projects. Our latest addition has got to be one of the most amazing products I have seen in a while. It is a custom 47" Spatial View 3D Monitor. This 3D monitor brings images, videos, and 3D objects out of the screen without the need for special 3D glasses.

Hardware-wise this monitor is a modified top of the line LG television with a parallax barrier screen attached to the front of it. Hook it up to a computer with a relatively new graphics card, install the Spatial View software, and all is ready to go. The software is Power Player 3.0, Spatial View's own player for displaying videos, images, and other content in 3D. A good amount of examples come with the software, but to create your own content, videos and images have to be created a certain way for the full coming out of the screen 3D effect.

The best feature (drum roll) is that Power Player 3.0 supports the web3D open standard. Yes, that is right 3D web creators, your models can be seen in "forward 3D". Without using the player for the "forward 3D" effect, the television does add more 3D depth to games and movies. The feeling of immersion jumps ten fold when playing a video game or visiting 3D scenes with this monitor.

Spatial View Inc. is a leading developer of 3D image processing and display technologies. The company’s vision is to make 3D more accessible, affordable and versatile opening up new dimensions and levels of realism. Spatial View’s unique technology allows users to view 3D content in high quality without requiring special glasses. Spatial View offers a series of high quality auto-stereoscopic displays, as well as an innovative software portfolio that enables user to create, to play, and even interact with 3D data of all types, in any 3D format, and on any device.

The Spatial View brand Wazabee, offers a range of 3D'ing products such as monitors in various sizes, sliding shells for making your iPhone screen 3D, and 3DEE Flectors, a removable overlay screen with eye-tracking software for displaying movies, animations, designs and games as a screen popping 3D experience.

So for any in the San Francisco area, stop by the office here in SOMA and play a game or two to check out this amazing monitor. I recommend all check out Spatial View's awesome line of Wazabee 3DEE products and many thanks to the Spatial View team for this amazing monitor.


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