Virtual Worlds Galore

Last October at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo a group of us joked that there would be hundreds of virtual worlds, mainly focused on social networking or gaming, coming online next (this) summer. If only we had this kind of foresight in lottery numbers. There has been an explosion of 2D/3D virtual worlds aimed at catching the attention of tweens, teens, and young adults.

Brands are going nuts with virtual worlds.
"Scout", my house computer only used for virtual worlds, is becoming full of just plug-ins/clients and I am only in about 30 different VW's. It is becoming madness. Wells Fargo has Stagecoach Island, McDonalds has Happy Meal world, Virtual MTV, and that is just to name a few. The video below is a brilliant piece by Gary Hazlitt covering a variety of virtual worlds out now with focus on social networking.

Now the trick is to get these worlds to build an opening in their walled gardens to the rest of the 3D web.


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