Avalanche - a snow crash

Let us take time to appreciate the individual pioneers and Sherpas in 3D, gaming, and web3d and all they have done to get these technologies where they are! *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP

As the next gen of developer I salute and support those companies and institutions that have stuck with supporting the collaborative "open" mindset. Their applications and brands echo across many a coast and eyes. Keep making what you do cooler. Hold firm your niche and use your powers for awesome. Help foster more growth in the industry in whatever way you feel for corporate social responsibility. Why not make a learning application and give it to the web, or work with a non-profit to build a 3D web presence? This will only make your echo louder.

I sit in the grumbling noise of enlightened to this "new" technology. Immersive Information or "Infomersion" that connects us, directs us, and allows access to a more personalized highly interactive web experience. It will be great to see how many people Vivaty, ExitReality, and others, that are approaching from the social networking side, will help plug into the open 3d web. Given the volumes of Millenials they will draw,my wish is to see more schools and universities contributing their great resources of information in some form of 3D application to share.

Advances in hardware, bandwidth, graphics, and ideas towards 3D on the web (virtual and mirror worlds) adds momentum.

I have heard from more than one how,"Web3d is the best solution for problems that don't exist yet." As more and more migrate, new needs and problems will arise. As will the need to build, create, and develop. Convergence is bringing innovation and more momentum.

The demand is growing. Grab your tools, set your direction, and get ready. Time to board an avalanche.


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