Cutting thru the virtual crap

Taking a break from a holiday project to quickly share a couple of great resources of web3D enlightenment.

In a time where the 3D web is filling with countless virtual world consultants because people get bored at corporations, read Virtual World News (truly a great way to stay current), spend hours in proprietary virtual world platforms, or can re-create objects "in-world", use these links to get through this level of Ivy League enthusiasts, and to the pros of the interoperable 3D web.

1. 3D on the Web Cheap - Len Bullard's Blog
Anyone learning about the 3D web open standard should know this man's name. Len is an active participant and developer in the Web3D Industry. With an acumen that separates the 3D web builders from the WeeMees, his work and insight can be seen adding value all over the web. This is an awesome blog with web3D news, tutorials, and more for those of all technical levels. Click the link and you will learn something.

2. X3D 4 Enterprise - William Glascoe's Blog
If the Matrix had more than one architect, William would be one of them. His blog reflects a deep knowledge of 3D web technologies and X3D and it doesn't take long to see this guy is doing serious work and research. His personal website, The Earth Outer Space Organization, aims to ensure universal space flight and operations safety and security by geospace traffic management with a space traffic control system.

For those that truly want to help develop the 3D web, not just find a way to monetize off of hype, I know you will find these useful. I can't help but feel all will have a deeper insight on the 3D web after reading these blogs from the people involved with the true "doing". If one is going to be a consultant, do the homework, not just read the headlines. The answers to many a issue are already there and found by pioneers like these men.

Keep forging Gents!


Anonymous said…
In case you are interested, there is a great example of utilizing virtual 3D spaces in the form of a giant online New Years Eve party at:

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