Augmented Reality Developer Camp 2010

On December 4, 2010 at the GAFFTA space in San Francisco, the second Bay Area Augmented Reality Developer Camp took place. Sponsored by Layar, Metaio, Qualcomm, and Makerlab, the event brought together AR professionals from as far east as New York and south as San Diego.

Presentation sessions covered a range of AR related topics. These include:
  • Brian Blau has an excellent write-up here on his session that covered future (2011-2014) AR applications.
  • This presentation by Christine Perey reported on the work being done by the international community in regards to standards for augmented reality. Due to technical difficulties on the SF side, Christine wasn't able to present. I feel the attendees really missed out as what she had to share really is the reason Mike, Gene, and I decided to push the idea of an AR Dev Camp to begin with. It supports the belief that, "AR must be fundamentally open, interoperable, extensible, and accessible to all".
  • Metaio writes how they 'rocked' the ARDevCamp which I feel they did with great examples and thought provoking discussions.
  • X3Dom presentation using HTML5, WebGL, and X3D for web3D and augmented reality applications.
  • Danish company Euman's PlayingMondo platform for creating augmented reality entertainment and educational games.

  • Qualcomm's hack session on making augmented reality with Unity3D
  • qDot (aka Kyle Machulis) gave a good session on his work with Kinect and shared with the group in the lightning round his blog including a post about Dan Wilcox's Kinect Titty Tracker video.

  • Sid Hubbard was upgraded from raving mad developer to raving mad genius for his work below with Light Nucleus.

  • Seeing industry friends, making new, and great conversations
Many thanks to my fellow organizers Chris, Anselm, Gene, and Paige for putting together what turned out to be a great event. For me personally this was a special event. The AR Dev Camp has come a long way since the suggestion that started it well over a year ago now and what a success it has been. In the past year there have been several camps held around the world and it is obvious the community is growing. I hope others continue to hold events and we all collaborate our resources more to continue to drive the industry forward and open for all.


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